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Project Overview

The Silver Lake Water and Sewer District (SLWSD) is preparing for future installation of new sewer and water lines as shown on the project area map. Over the next year, SLWSD will be coordinating closely with adjacent properties for these future upgrades.

Map_Silver Lake Water and Sewer.png


The Silver Lake Water and Sewer District (SLWSD) will begin construction of new sewer on 10th Dr SE between 118th Place SE and 126th Street SE and water main replacement on 10th Drive SE between 118th Place SE and 131st Street SE and on 130th Street SE from 10th Drive SE to 12th Drive SE. Construction is expected to begin as early as April 22nd.*

*Construction schedules are subject to change.


Construction Open House

Thursday, April 18 | 5-6 p.m.
SLWSD Board Room 15205 41st Ave SE Bothell, WA 98012


Meet the project team | Learn about construction impacts

Hear about the project schedule | Ask questions about the project 

Construction: What to Expect 

  • Day work (Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

  • Open trenches during working hours

  • Water main shutdowns during connections

  • Temporary traffic control/lane restrictions Temporary and permanent pavement restoration

As part of this project, your property may have the option to connect to the sewer when the project is complete. Please note, you will not be required to connect to sewer.

Costs paid directly to SLWSD:  

  • $60,000 special connection fee. This is a one-time cost for your property that represents the total cost of design and construction of the new sewer main divided between the 38 eligible properties receiving sewer laterals to their property line.

  • $9,500 Standard General Facility Charge. This is a one-time fee for your impact to the overall sewer system.

  • $71 monthly sewer charge.


Additional costs associated with connecting to the new sewer that will be the responsibility of the homeowner:

  • Costs to decommission septic tank.

  • Costs to connect plumbing from the sewer lateral at the property line to the house.

*Construction schedules are subject to change.

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